Key Mission Objectives

  1. Values – The spirit of ‘ohana - embracing our extended family, inclusion of all, supporting others, camaraderie, cooperation, fairness, wellness, fitness, sportsmanship, spirit, safety, and open communication.    Make our values our club reputation.

  2. Membership – Maintaining a vibrant membership base such that the club may thrive to meet the interests of the voting membership and the groups of members with specific interests including beginners, novice, youth, racers, etc.

  3. Programs – Providing a full variety of opportunities and education to meet the needs of the voting membership including paddling practice, training, racing, as well as social gatherings and volunteer opportunities to participate in the betterment of the club.

  4. Equipment & Facilities – provide quality assets in good repair, plentiful to meet the program needs of the programs and membership. Take pride in the club boats, treat all equipment with care and respect.

  5. Financials & fundraising – raise and manage the funds required to provide the equipment, facilities and program expenses to meet the needs of the program goals.

  6. Outreach – be a member of the larger communities: other clubs, the Gorge, the River, the town

Hood River Outrigger Canoe Club is a 501(c)3 all volunteer non-profit organization 

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