Come Paddle with Us!

Adult Membership - $225/yr

Paddler access to all regularly scheduled club practices, special club paddle events, O'hana days, & any club journey events.

Race Practice Membership which includes General Membership - $300/yr

Paddler access to scheduled race practices in addition to all regularly scheduled club practices, special club paddle events, O'hana days, & any club journey events. While every effort is made to offer opportunities for racing to those interested, Race Practice Membership does not translate to race event participation. The Race Committee is responsible for setting race eligibility criteria for the season, and coaches are responsible for seating the boats for races. Additional race fees will be collected per race.

Youth  (26 and under) /Student Membership/ Camp - $80/yr or FREE if both parents are paid members 

Paddler access to club practices with coach permission AFTER the youth paddler has completed a Keiki or Beginner’s program, in addition to special club paddle events, O'hana days, & any club journey events. 

Want to become a Mentor for a new HROCC Paddler ?  YES ! YES ! We need you ! New Paddlers come with varied experience, and finding how our Club works is essential. Being a Mentor for 1-3 sessions helps makes our Club run smoothly for our new paddlers and for the Club. See Guidelines below, then contact and let them know you would like to be a session Mentor. It is very rerwarding and you get to share all the wonderful benefits you get from paddling with HROCC.

The Club Member will sign up for paddle with New Member as a 'guest' in notes on Team Cowboy. A new paddler will work with a Mentor for 1- 3 times - gratis- before becoming a full member. A new paddler can also becomes a full member with full Member rights by paying dues and still work with a Mentor for up to three paddles.

New Paddler & Mentor Guidelines

1. Reach out to the new member- text/call/email- and let them know you’re their mentor! You will get info. and  prior water experience from Board Member At Large.

2. Find out when they are going to their first practice, and ATTEND WITH THEM! You should work this schedule out for your convenience together. 

3. Make sure they sign a waiver before the first paddle !!! AND be sure the Safety Pledge (on waiver webpage) is read and understood.

4. Prior to first practice, talk with them about what to wear in the boat, for expected conditions.The club has PFD’s and paddles that new paddlers can borrow. Be sure to let new paddlers know to come to the hale' 15 min. early  before the paddling session begins to  find the right size paddle and  PFD.

5.Check in with new paddlers before practice. Do they have any questions ? And then during a scheduled session help them feel welcome; Introduce them to other paddlers and communicate that the club is glad they joined.

6. Let the Steers person running practice know you are Mentoring and make introductions.

7. Talk with new paddler about how to get the boats ready for a session and how to take them back to the hale'.

8. Explain how parking works.

9.Answer any questions they have/ debrief after each practice. Keep in touch with them through out the season. As they know more, more questions can come up. 

Document Name: "New Paddler & Mentor Guidelines" Dated 04/12/2023

This document supersedes any and all documents/policy statements on the same subject.

Hood River Outrigger Canoe Club is a 501(c)3 all volunteer non-profit organization 

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