E komo mai !

(Hawaiian word meaning welcome)

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This is an ancient chant used by the master builder of canoes calling young and old to the upland forests of Maui to hail koa trees downtime mountain which will then become the koa canoes. This chant carries a lot of mana and provides spiritual uplifting. This chant brings us together to work as one to accomplish our goals......

Alaka'i:                                                                                                                            Leader:

I ku mau mau Stand up together

Pane: Response:

I ku wa  Stand and Shout

Alaka'i: Leader:

I ku mau mau   Stand together

I ku huluhulu   Haul with all your might 

I ka lanawao     Under the mighty trees

Pane:  Response:

I ku wa    Stand at intervals

Alaka'i:  Response:

I ku lanawao    Stand up among the tall forest trees

Pane:   Response:

I ku wa     Stand at intervals

I ku wa huki             Stand at intervals and pull

I ku wa ko     Stand at intervals and haul

I ku wa a mau     Stand in place and haul

A mau ka eulu     Haul branches and all

E huki e     Haul now

Kulia      Stand up

Much Aloha, John Ritter

Webmasters note: At many canoe races this chant will be offered before the race. Either participants will know this or they will be offered a copy to take part.

Cultural knowledge will be changed every month....check back often....

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