Scroll down and make sure to check back often as we add more to our video library! There are videos on Stroke & Paddle Technique as well as Steering and other great topics.     - Paddle Tip - Mastering Switches 

HULI recovery -

OC6 Seat Roles - (CORA townhall videos) 

Cold Water Safety copy:  into your browser to watch Cold Shock, Swimming Failure, and Incapacitation

John Puakea The Catch

John Puakea Technique

Team Tupuai Paddling Videos

Team Tupuai Steering Technique

How to Steer an Outrigger Canoe, Strokes and Pokes

From Racing Coach Dan Bubb.........In our collective journey to improve our paddling, no matter what level we are at, please take a minute or two to watch a couple technical videos. In particular, two videos we want you to watch are below. They are consistent with the Puakea style and what Andrew and others have been coaching thus far in the season. 
Click on this link:
Under the Puakea section, watch:
  1. What’s the Catch (which describes a simple drill we will try tomorrow)
  2. Keeping the paddle loaded longer

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