Hood River Outrigger Canoe Club is committed to the Safety of all paddlers .

Hood River Outrigger Canoe Club Safety Pledge 

The Hood River Canoe Club (HROCC) is special because of its world-class water, its gorgeous location, and the amazing people who participate as coaches, steers people and club members. Grateful for our unique combination of people and place, HROCC is committed to a culture of safety, inclusivity, and support, which helps all paddlers enjoy and safely participate in the sport and community of outrigger canoe.

Preparing to Paddle

  • I dress for immersion at all times. This means I wear a neoprene wetsuit and full PFD (i.e., no belt packs or inflatables) when the river temperature is below 50 degrees F.
  • I have learned and understand how to recover from a "huli" (when the boat flips) including the responsibility of each seat and crew member.
  • I have learned what safety gear is on the canoe and I check before I paddle.
  • I ask questions when I don't understand or feel comfortable, and I know there are people at HROCC happy to help me at any time.

On the Boat

  • I will alert the steers person of any physical limitations that may affect my paddling or Huli recovery before I enter the canoe, e.g. I'm injured , I'm unsure I can get back in and may need assistance, or I don't know how to swim.
  • I will follow all commands of the steers person promptly and quietly.
  • I know how to re-enter the canoe and am prepared to do so, whether on my own, or with partner assist, or with a Huli strap. If I can't swim 25 yards, I wear a full PFD.

Off the Boat

  • If I feel unsafe or unsure about something, I will raise my concern with a steers person, coach, or Board Member.
  • Ideas to improve water safety and skill building are always welcome and encouraged.

Because we are committed to safety and teamwork, we do amazing things in a beautiful environment, and remember

the Five P's: proper prior planning prevents problems !

Mahalo and Aloha


Interested in racing with HROCC in the 2023 season? 

We'd love to have you! 

Coaches  Bonnie Fromm & Dan Bubb

The cost is $75 and includes scheduled race practice on Tuesday morninging at 6:45 in addition to the regular, club paddle sessions. This is a fun, all inclusive group and we welcome all those interested in racing. We hope to offer numerous weekend distance training runs for endurance as well!

HROCC is committed to taking as many 6 man teams as possible to at least 5 of our area races. These include:

April 22 - Rusty Iron
April 29 - Race Around the Rock
June 24 - Rooster Rock
July 8 - Gorge Downwind Race
August 5 -Kalama Distance Exhibition 

These races range in distance from 4 to 13 miles.

HROCC Race Coachs will use a published criteria in order to seat the boats for maximum results and fun!.

If you are motivated to go to an out of area race (Queen's Race, Catalina, PNW Challenge, Da Grind, etc.. ), we encourage you to pull a HROCC team together on your own, which includes a qualified steers and paddlers who have the skills to paddle the expected conditions. HROCC coaches can help make sure you are able to practice together at some practices, help with registrations and canoe transport or rentals. 

Hood River Outrigger Canoe Club is a 501(c)3 all volunteer non-profit organization 

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