PNWORCA Race Schedule:


Are you interested in racing with HROCC next season? 

We'd love to have you! 

The cost is $75 and includes scheduled race practice on Tuesday mornings at 6:45 in addition to the regular, club paddle sessions. This is a fun, all-inclusive group and we welcome all those interested in racing. We hope to offer numerous weekend distance training runs for endurance as well!

HROCC is committed to taking as many 6-man teams as possible to at least 5 of our area races. These include:

April 22 - Rusty Iron
April 29 - Race Around the Rock
June 24 - Rooster Rock
July 8 - Gorge Downwind Race
August 5 - Kalama Distance Exhibition 

    These races range in distance from 4 to 13 miles.

      Seating crews for race boats is always a puzzle, but our coaches try to follow established criteria.

      A success for any boat full of paddlers is a success for all.

      We are one as a club and the strength of our team comes from us putting the whole team ahead of ourselves. Each race will have a criteria level assigned. 

      We strive to seat as many boats as we can with club members that are available, motivated, and qualified to paddle a safe and inspiring race.

      All racers will be expected to help with loading and unloading of boats for races in which they participate.


      Level 1 (Rusty Iron, RATI Races)

      • All levels of paddler from novice to experience
      • Commitment: All paddlers are encouraged to sign up (early in the season) and attend early season practices

      Level 2 (Rooster Rock Race, Sprints)

      • Age group (if used by the race committee for unlimited classes)
      • Technique: Consistent, correct use of the club designated, Puakea Tahitian technique (video evidence)
      • Blending: Timing, body movement, power and teamwork meshes with other crew members (video evidence)
      • Commitment: Evidence of commitment through regular attendance to club and race practices and effort to always improve
      • Attitude: Maintain a positive attitude and spirit of O'hana at all times, with all members

      Level 3 (Gorge DW Challenge, PNW Challenge, Catalina Crossing,)

      • All Level 2 criteria met
      • Physical fitness for endurance evidenced
      • Seated for best results with crews that blend well in strength, timing and skill
      • Time trials in an OC1 or OC2 if needed for final selection
      • Two or more races completed within the last few seasons
      • One or more downwind specific practices in strong winds completed for downwind races
      • Successful Bracing and Huli experiences and ability to easily re-enter the canoe from the water
      • Commitment: Average three practices a week throughout the summer and all race practices the week or two prior to race day


      If you are motivated to go to an out of area race (Queen's Race - Kona Hawaii, Catalina - Long Beach California, Na Pali Challenger - Kauai,  PNW Challenge, Da Grind, etc.. ), we encourage you to pull a HROCC team together on your own, which includes a qualified steers and paddlers who have the skills to paddle the expected conditions. HROCC coaches can help make sure you are able to practice together at some practices, help with registrations and canoe transport or rentals. ALL logistics for these races, including crew selection, seat assignments, registration and boat rentals are the responsibility of the paddlers who commit to participating and the specific team leader

      We look forward to a safe and exciting year on the water, with our incredible HROCC Ohana and camaraderie!

      Happy Paddling,

      Coaches Bonnie, Dan and Sue

      “When we are in the canoe, we are one paddler, one heart and one spirit.

      It is rare to achieve this, but when it occurs, effort becomes effortless and one transcends the limitations of the ego.

      All becomes one and the true essence of paddling is experienced.”


      How to set for turns in Outrigger Canoes by Gabriel Jaramillo article

      Race Sprint Turns video by Coral Sea OCC Steering Clinic

      1500 Outrigger Canoe World Sprints Finals technique video

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